Office Automation
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Software Overview

Deal with the entirety of your people data in one organized and secure HR database-

Parsh Digital’s office automation software is all-in-one software made for small and medium businesses the individuals who work in them—like you. Our software makes it simple to gather, keep up, and analyze your people information, improve how you hire talent, onboard new employees, manage compensation, and build up your company culture.

Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort it takes to gather, study, and report on sensitive information using simple spreadsheets and paper records are almost as large as the security hazard.

With Parsh Digital, all your worker data or information lives in a solitary, secure information base, with amazing reporting tools and altering abilities on your finger.

Access data or information anytime, anywhere.

With all employee data stored in the cloud, you at this point don't need to sift through hoards of spreadsheets to manually search and enter data. Simply enter information once, and use it across all web and versatile stages.

Give employees their own space.

Present employees with customized portals where they can see their profile, enter inclinations, raise resource demands, apply for quite a long time off, and more.

Post updates instantly.

Keep employees on track with dashboards that show everything from declarations to their associates' birthday events. Likewise, they can get to the dashboard and get immediately updated on the organization's happenings from their portals

Make things easier for managers.

Managers can support/reject demands at the snap of a click button. Right when they do, emails bearing the refreshed or updated status are sent to employees automatically with a single click.