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Software Overview

Our employee information database software guarantees pinpoint accuracy and enterprise-level security for your data or information. We play it safe to guard your information while making it simpler for you to stay compliant.

Parsh Digital offers best-altered workforce optimization and employee management software solution.

Access data or information anytime, anywhere.

• Forecast workloads
• Create schedules
• Assign employees to work schedules
• Make adjustments to workload changes

Parsh Digital’s Employ Management is global delivering employee management software to help businesses overcome challenges of keeping employees productive and engaged.

Employee Self-Service

The employee portal gives self-management tools to empower the employees to choose time and attendance information.

• Work schedules
• Vacation time
• Time-off requests
• Shift changes
• Payroll data
• Update personal details

Giving employees more command over their data does two things. To begin with, workers feel enabled to have access to the same that decides their part in the organization. Secondly, admittance to a framework that computerizes manual, time-consuming process conveys proficiency for everybody.

Efficiency and employee satisfaction increases. Leave requests, approvals and rejections move consequently through the system. The accuracy of an electronic paper trail clears more time. Via computerizing routine administrative assignments. Managers and supervisors can focus on driving the partnership towards greater b better success.

Intelligently designed, this simple-to-use software, with this Employ management software, companies improve representatives' lives, expands commitment with higher maintenance, profitability, and benefits.