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Clinic Management

Innovation has been moving at a high-speed pace especially in the health industry has been advancing towards a high-level today. Dealing with bills and appointments used to be a chaotic scene in a hospital, clinics & specialists. Not anymore! The best part of this software is that it has diminished the utilization of paper, keeping exceptionally significant data in one place to access. Doctors could arrange with different departments with great ease, regarding medical health records.

Patient Management System

  • Set up timings with no obstacle
  • Includes patient registration, visit history, vitals, solutions & billing history.

Appointment Management

  • Very easy and natural way to manage patient arrangement and Walk-Ins.
  • Define doctor’s timing & slot duration and manage appointments in a calendar view.

Professional Billing

  • Keep a track of your patient visits & history digitally!
  • Printed receipts imply the brand name & solutions for a simple arrangement

Doctor Dashboard

  • Provides a list of appointments for the day, Current patient's clinical and visit history.
  • Enter vital and prescription details for the patient.

Pharmacy Management

  • Coordinate your in-house pharmacy or partner with the closest one for the convenience of your patients.
  • The entire setup is cloud-based. In this way, no compelling reason to worry about server, software installation and internal connectivity. Setting up your will take only 10 mins and you are up and prepared to get moving!