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School Management Software

Parsh Digital provides you with his various types of educational software customized for you. Here our motive is easing of school administrative through aur school administrative software and makes your work efficient and productive.
We provide you the school management system software which suits you since we customize it according to your needs. A school ERP software with the aid of which all the activities of a school can be monitored and managed.

FEATURES Of Our School Software:-

  • Configuration Management
  •   Class setup
  •   Section setup
  •   Fees head setup
  •   Class wise setup (monthly, quarterly, yearly and Admission fees according of the school need).
  •   Fine setup
  •   Transport setup (Bus, Van, Auto etc) may also be configured by Area.
  • Admission Management
  •   Manage Student Registration.
  •   Promotion Of Class
  •   Manage Class And Section Transfer
  •   Certificate Uploading
  •   50 Emails
  •   10 FTP Accounts
  • Fees Management
  • Fees Deposit screen for each students.
  • Fee receipt for class, student, teacher.
  • Estimate the class wise and month wise collection.
  •   View the depositor and defaulter list.
  •   View fee collection student wise.
  •   View fee collection defaulter wise.
  •  List of student to remind fee.
  •   Month Wise Detail OF Student Fees
  • Academic Management
  • Class wise, student wise marks in different subject in particular Exam
  • Configured the subject wise grade and student division
  • Generate the final result for the classes
  • Generate the mark sheet for the student
  • Generate the list of pass/fail student’s class wise.
  •   Generate the class wise merit.

Login Screen
By Selecting Category Admin We can Login with Admin rights (for set up Class Wise Fees Amount and Different Type of Reports that should be hide rom the Clerk , Default Username-ahmad , Default Password-pass

Backup Data
For Tacking Backup We Only Need to Locate Folder Where We Want to store our backup copy of database. Then Click on Make Backup Copy a backup copy will be created on desire folder. We have then copy it on flash memory or Internet.

Restore Database

Setup Menu
From The Setup Menu Enter Classes, Section, Fees Head, Transport Detail and Fine Criteria of Your School

Student Record
From The Admission menu you can add the Student Record This Form Also has the capability of Transfer Section Of students and you can Search the student by typing two or three character of the name

Fees Menu
Admin Can Set the Class Wise Fees Amount on Different fees Head In Cash counter when student Come To Submit Fees, Open Search Student from the Admission Menu Select Any Student from the List by Double Clicking the Row Automatically Fees Deposit Screen will appear This Page Contain Detail Information of Due Fees with Previous Fees Record Of The student You Can Find Ledger of Particular student (if needed). After submitting The Fees Receipt Voucher Will Appear. You Can Take It In PDF Form also

Fees Collection Report
We can take Fees collection Of Any Date or Range of Date Student That did not submit two months fees (current And latest month) is said to be Defaulter List to remind student that did not pay the fees of current month If School take sms facility they can send reminder alert by sms Class And Section Wise Collection Summery

Query Form

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