Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System

Clinic Software
Clinic software are necessary for healthcare technology because they help with the monitoring, management, and control of patient’s data and medical wellness. Devices that support medical software are observed closely and must meet stringent regulations. The Medical software channel offers breaking news, case studies and white papers related to all the latest happenings in medical software solutions.

Welcome to Parsh Clinic Management System
We have the most effective Medical Software and clinic management software available in the market at the most affordable price ever. From the handling of prescription to over-the-counter , our software manage everything. There has being a number of management things to be managed in a clinic and our software is specialized in it. Doctor and pharmacist software has become necessary to rationalize private physician consultation benefits through more professional better practice on patient history, appointments, and completely reduce the medication error, pharmacy operations and improve business performance and thereby the bottom line. Here we provide you with the complete package solutions which would easily helps you to manage your clinic effectively and smoothly. And the best part of our software is they are user-friendly and could be easily managed and controlled by any person

  • Pathology Lab
  •   Patient
  •         Patient Registration
  •         List Of Patient
  •         Update & Delete
  •   Treatment
  •         Add services
  •         Add Medicine
  •   Bill
  •         Later Bill
  •         Report
  •         New Bill
  •   Software Gateway
  •         Chief Complaint
  •         Clinical Examination
  •         Diagnosis
  •         Tests
  •         Medication
  •         Treatment
  •         Appointment
  •         Billing
  •         Print
  •   Create New User
  •   Logout

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